Financial and Economic Historical Data and Trend Charts

Economic and Financial Market Historical Data

This Section of FFC provides historical data and trend charts broken down into the following categories:

Currency Exchange Rate Data

Currency exchange rates of various global currencies into the U.S. dollar.  This section also includes trade-weighted U.S. dollar indexes.  Some of the currencies included are EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, CNY, AUD, CHF and MXN.

Interest Rates and Yields Data

Data series included are treasury yields, home loan mortgage rates, corporate bond yields, CD rates and various personal loan interest rates.   This section also includes rates set by the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank Prime Rate.

Price and Price Index Data

Various price indexes such as CPI, PPI, PCE Price Index.  Also various commodity prices such as crude oil, gold, natural gas, gasoline and other motor fuels.

Employment Data

How many people have jobs (employment) and how many people don't have jobs (unemployment).  Also, Jobs Report numbers (nonfarm payrolls).

Housing Data

All things housing.  All?  We'll at least most, especially those that matter:  Housing Starts, New Home Prices, Average Home Prices and mortgage interest rates.

GDP And Related Data

This section provides historical gross domestic product, both real and nominal.  It also includes the formula used to calculate GDP with links to the underlying data. Both gross national product and gross domestic income are in this section.

Money Supply Data

M1.  M2.  Reserves.  Currency In Circulation.  Velocities.  We have it all.

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