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The Financial Forecast Center's Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Privacy

Financial Forecast Center LLC, host of The Financial Forecast Center, is committed to protecting the privacy of our Internet users. Below is information outlining our continued support for the responsible management of consumer information.

Data Collection

The Financial Forecast Center does not use "cookies", a common technique used to collect information about the user.  While this technique can be used to collect or store personal information, The Financial Forecast Center does not use this technique and will not collect or store any personal information using cookies or any other techniques.

Feedback and Contact Forms

The Financial Forecast Center makes use of feedback and contact forms to allow viewers to contact us.  These forms ask for personal information to allow us to reply to the users, if needed.  As stated at the top of each of these forms, all information input into these forms are at the discretion of the user and is in no way controlled by The Financial Forecast Center.  All information collected through these forms are used only by Financial Forecast Center LLC.  None of this information is either leased, rented, traded, given nor sold to any third parties.

Newsletter Subscriptions

The Financial Forecast Center may offer free newsletters to viewers who enter their email addresses.  These addresses are used solely for the purpose of electronic distribution of the stated newsletters and are not leased, rented, traded, given nor sold to any third parties.

Internet Web Server Information

The internet web servers used to distribute the web pages for The Financial Forecast Center collect non-user specific information about when and what web pages are served.  The information collected by the web servers are:  date and time of a web page request, the internet address of the server (not user) requesting the page, the name of the page requested, any errors associated with delivering the web page, and the users browser type  This information is used internally to monitor the popularity of our internet content and to monitor the load of the web servers.  This information does not have any marketing value and is neither rented, leased, traded, given nor sold to any third parties.

Third Party Advertising

This site, The Financial Forecast Center, uses third party services for the distribution and/or targeting of advertisements, promotions and other marketing messages.  At present, Google and are our sole vendors of advertising on this site.

Third Party Cookies

In the course of serving advertisements through this site, our third-party advertisers may place or recognize a unique "cookie".  Cookies are not used for users within the European Union.