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Stock Market Commentary

One explanation for the recent weakness in the stock markets is Asia, specifically China and the China-complex.  According to this analysis, one of the causes of the U.S. stock markets (and most others) is Asia, coming through Singapore and Hong Kong.

Another finding of the previously mentioned analysis is all major stock markets around the world are interconnected.  With Singapore and Hong Kong at the top, when they go, they all go.

It would be prudent to keep a close eye on the Singapore Straits Times and the Hang Seng.

Forecast Summary
As of November 20, 2018
Indicator Current Forecast for
Forecast for
S&P 500 2641.89 2746 2795
30 Yr Treasury 3.31 3.43 3.49
EUR to USD 1.137 1.145 1.157
GBP to USD 1.279 1.293 1.316
CAD to USD 1.330 1.311 1.300
Gold 1223.00 1229 1239
Crude Oil 53.39 62.0 71.4

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Current Economic Indicators
November 20, 2018
Indicator Value
S&P 500 2641.89
U.S. GDP Growth, % 3.04
U.S. Inflation Rate, % 2.52
Gold Price, $/oz t 1223.00
Crude Oil Futures, $/bbl 53.39
U.S. 10 Year Treasury, % 3.06

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