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Master List of All Forecasts Produced by FFC

Below is a list of all forecasts produced by the Financial Forecast Center.  The first link takes you to the freely available forecast.  The second link takes you to the long range forecast which requires a subscription to access.

Stock Markets Indices
S&P 500Free S&P 500 ForecastExtended S&P 500 Forecast
Dow Jones Industrial AverageFree DJIA ForecastExtended DJIA Forecast
Russell 2000Free Russell 2000 ForecastExtended Russell 2000 Forecast
NASDAQ CompositeFree NASDAQ ForecastExtended NASDAQ Forecast
Dow Jones TransportsFree DJT ForecastExtended DJT Forecast
Dow Jones UtilitiesFree DJU ForecastExtended DJU Forecast
S&P 100Free S&P 100 ForecastExtended S&P 100 Forecast
S&P MidCap 400Free S&P MidCap ForecastExtended S&P MidCap Forecast
Russell 1000Free Russell 1000 ForecastExtended Russell 1000 Forecast
Wilshire 5000Free Wilshire 5000 ForecastExtended Wilshire 5000 Forecast
S&P 500 Growth RateFree S&P 500 Growth ForecastExtended S&P 500 Growth Forecast
FTSE 100Free FTSE 100 ForecastExtended FTSE 100 Forecast
DAXFree DAX ForecastExtended DAX Forecast
CAC 40Free CAC ForecastExtended CAC Forecast
Nikkei 225Free Nikkei 225 ForecastExtended Nikkei 225 Forecast
Hang SengFree Hang Seng ForecastExtended Hang Seng Forecast
Straits TimesFree Straits Times ForecastExtended Straits Times Forecast
BSE SensexFree Sensex ForecastExtended Sensex Forecast
IPCFree IPC ForecastExtended IPC Forecast
S&P TSX CompositeFree TSX ForecastExtended TSX Forecast
Currency Exchange Rates
US Dollar IndexFree US Dollar Index ForecastExtended Dollar Index Forecast
EUR to USDFree Euro ForecastExtended Euro Forecast
GBP to USDFree Pound ForecastExtended Pound Forecast
CHF to USDFree Swiss Franc ForecastExtended Swiss Franc Forecast
SEK to USDFree Swedish Krona ForecastExtended Swedish Kronor Forecast
CAD to USDFree Loonie ForecastExtended Loonie Forecast
MXN to USDFree Peso ForecastExtended Peso Forecast
JPY to USDFree Yen ForecastExtended Yen Forecast
CNY to USDFree Yuan ForecastExtended Yuan Forecast
AUD to USDFree Aussie ForecastExtended Aussie Forecast
NZD to USDFree Kiwi ForecastExtended Kiwi Forecast
SGD to USDFree S-Dollar ForecastExtended S-Dollar Forecast
KRW to USDFree Won ForecastExtended Won Forecast
TWD to USDFree Taiwan $ ForecastExtended Taiwan $ Forecast
INR to USDFree Rupee ForecastExtended Rupee Forecast
HKD to USDFree HK Dollar ForecastExtended HK Dollar Forecast
Interest Rates and Yields
EU 10 Year BondFree EU 10 Yr Bond ForecastExtended EU 10 Year Bond Forecast
30 Year TreasuryFree 30 Yr Treasury ForecastExtended 30 Year Treasury Forecast
20 Year TreasuryFree 20 Yr Treasury ForecastExtended 20 Year Treasury Forecast
10 Year TreasuryFree 10 Yr Treasury ForecastExtended 10 Year Treasury Forecast
7 Year TreasuryFree 7 Yr Treasury ForecastExtended 7 Year Treasury Forecast
5 Year TreasuryFree 5 Yr Treasury ForecastExtended 5 Year Treasury Forecast
3 Year TreasuryFree 3 Yr Treasury ForecastExtended 3 Year Treasury Forecast
2 Year TreasuryFree 2 Yr Treasury ForecastExtended 2 Year Treasury Forecast
1 Year TreasuryFree 1 Yr Treasury ForecastExtended 1 Year Treasury Forecast
6 Month TreasuryFree 6 Mo Treasury ForecastExtended 6 Mo Treasury Forecast
3 Month TreasuryFree 3 Mo Treasury ForecastExtended 3 Mo Treasury Forecast
Treasury Yield CurveFree Yield Curve ForecastExtended Yield Curve Forecast
1 Month LIBOR USDFree 1 Mo LIBOR ForecastExtended 1 Mo LIBOR Forecast
3 Month LIBOR USDFree 3 Mo LIBOR ForecastExtended 3 Mo LIBOR Forecast
6 Month LIBOR USDFree 6 Mo LIBOR ForecastExtended 6 Mo LIBOR Forecast
12 Month LIBOR USDFree 12 Mo LIBOR ForecastExtended 12 Mo LIBOR Forecast
Secured Overnight Financing RateFree SOFR ForecastExtended SOFR Forecast
Fed Funds RateFree Fed Funds Rate ForecastExtended Fed Funds Rate Forecast
WSJ Prime RateFree Prime Rate ForecastExtended Prime Rate Forecast
Corp AAA BondsFree Corp AAA Rate ForecastExtended Corp AAA Bonds Forecast
30 Yr Mortgage RateFree Mortgage Rate ForecastExtended Mortgage Rate Forecast
Prices and Price Indices
Crude Oil PriceFree Crude Oil ForecastExtended Crude Oil Forecast
Gold PriceFree Gold Price ForecastExtended Gold Price Forecast
Silver PriceFree Silver Price ForecastExtended Silver Price Forecast
Natural GasFree Natural Gas ForecastExtended Natural Gas Forecast
U.S. CPIFree U.S. CPI ForecastExtended U.S. CPI Forecast
U.S. Inflation RateFree U.S. Inflation ForecastExtended U.S. Inflation Forecast
PCE Core Price IndexFree PCE PI ForecastExtended PCE PI Forecast
PCE Core Inflation RateFree PCE PI InflationExtended PCE PI Core Inflation Rate
U.S. PPIFree U.S. PPI ForecastExtended U.S. PPI Forecast
Commodity Price IndexFree Comm Price Index ForecastExtended Comm Price Index Forecast
U.S. House PriceFree House Price ForecastExtended House Price Forecast
U.S. Economics
Real GDPFree Real GDP ForecastExtended Real GDP Forecast
Real GDP GrowthFree GDP Growth ForecastExtended GDP Growth Forecast
Nominal GDPFree Nom GDP ForecastExtended Nom GDP Forecast
Nominal GDP GrowthFree Nom GDP Growth ForecastExtended Nom GDP Growth Forecast
GDP DeflatorFree GDP Deflator ForecastExtended GDP Deflator Forecast
GDP Deflator GrowthFree GDP Deflator Growth ForecastExtended GDP Deflator Growth Forecast
PCEFree PCE ForecastExtended PCE Forecast
ExportsFree Exports ForecastExtended Exports Forecast
ImportsFree Imports ForecastExtended Imports Forecast
Net ExportsFree Net Exports ForecastExtended Net Exports Forecast
Industrial ProductionFree Industrial Production ForecastExtended Industrial Production Forecast
Nonresidential InvestmentFree Nonresidential InvestmentExtended Nonresidential Investment
Residential InvestmentFree Residential InvestmentExtended Residential Investment
U.S. Employment, Consumer and Business
Nonfarm PayrollsFree Nonfarm Payrolls ForecastExtended Nonfarm Payrolls Forecast
Jobs GrowthFree Jobs Growth ForecastExtended Jobs Growth Forecast
Unemployment RateFree Unemployment Rate ForecastExtended Unemploy Rate Forecast
Participation RateFree Labor Participation Rate ForecastExtended Labor Force Participation Rate Forecast
Retail SalesFree Retail Sales ForecastExtended Retail Sales Forecast
Sales GrowthFree Sales Growth ForecastExtended Sales Growth Forecast
Inventory/Sales RatioFree IS Ratio ForecastExtended IS Ratio Forecast
Hourly PayFree Hourly Pay ForecastExtended Hourly Pay Forecast
Personal IncomeFree Personal Income ForecastExtended Personal Income Forecast
Housing StartsFree Housing Starts ForecastExtended Housing Starts Forecast
Corporate ProfitsFree Corp Profits ForecastExtended Corp Profits Forecast
Banking and Money Supplies
U.S. Total Bank CreditFree U.S. Bank Credit ForecastExtended U.S. Bank Credit Forecast
Commercial/Industrial LoansFree U.S. Business Loans ForecastExtended U.S. Business Loans Forecast
U.S. Consumer CreditFree U.S. Consumer Credit ForecastExtended U.S. Consumer Credit Forecast
U.S. Federal DebtFree U.S. Fed Debt ForecastExtended U.S. Fed Debt Forecast
U.S. M1Free U.S. M1 ForecastExtended U.S. M1 Forecast
U.S. M2Free U.S. M2 ForecastExtended U.S. M2 Forecast
E.U. M1Free E.U. M1 ForecastExtended E.U. M1 Forecast
U.S. CurrencyFree U.S. Currency ForecastExtended U.S. Currency Forecast
U.S. Monetary BaseFree U.S. Monetary BaseExtended U.S. Monetary Base

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