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FRB Fed Funds Rate Forecast

Fed Funds Rate Forecast Values

FRB Interest Rate. Percent Per Year, Average of Month.

Month Date Forecast Value Avg Error
0 Jul 2019 2.40 ±0.00
1 Aug 2019 2.15 ±0.084
2 Sep 2019 2.14 ±0.10
3 Oct 2019 2.14 ±0.11
4 Nov 2019 2.14 ±0.12
5 Dec 2019 2.14 ±0.12
6 Jan 2020 2.14 ±0.13

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Chart of U.S. FRB Fed Funds Rate

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Chart of Fed Funds Rate with Forecast

The U.S. Fed Funds Rate

The U. S. Federal Funds Rate is the interest rate a U.S. Federal Reserve depository institution (bank, S&L or Credit Union) will charge another bank to borrow their excess reserves held at the Federal Reserve.  These reserves, or Federal Funds, are traded by banks (usually overnight) to meet their reserve requirements or enable the clearing of financial transactions.

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Current Interest Rates
August 19, 2019
Indicator Rate, %
Prime Rate 5.25
30 Year Treasury Bond 2.08
10 Year Treasury Note 1.60
91 Day Treasury Bill 1.94
Fed Funds 2.13
3 Month LIBOR (USD) 2.14
30 Year Mortgage Rate 3.60

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