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U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls Forecast

U.S. Total Nonfarm Payrolls Forecast Values

Total Nonfarm Payroll Jobs. Thousands of People, Seasonally Adjusted.

Month Date Forecast Value Avg Error
0 Apr 2020 131072 ±0
1 May 2020 125450 ±43
2 Jun 2020 122910 ±48
3 Jul 2020 121760 ±51
4 Aug 2020 121380 ±53
5 Sep 2020 121210 ±54
6 Oct 2020 121110 ±56
7 Nov 2020 121060 ±57
8 Dec 2020 120980 ±58

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Chart of Nonfarm Payroll Jobs with Forecast.

Thousand People, Seasonally Adjusted.

Chart of Payroll Employment with Forecast

U.S. Total Nonfarm Payroll

The U.S. Total Nonfarm Payroll is a measure of the number of U.S. workers in the economy that excludes proprietors, private household employees, unpaid volunteers, farm employees and the unincorporated self-employed.  This measure accounts for approximately 80 percent of the workers who contribute to Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The total nonfarm payroll provides useful insights into the current economic situation because it can represent the number of jobs added or lost in an economy.  Increases in employment might indicate that businesses are hiring which might also suggest that businesses are growing.  Additionally, those who are newly employed may have increased their personal incomes, which means (all else constant) their disposable incomes may have also increased.

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Current Economic Indicators
May 22, 2020
Indicator Value
S&P 500 2955.45
U.S. GDP Growth, % 0.32
U.S. Inflation Rate, % 0.33
Gold Price, $/oz t 1732.70
Crude Oil Futures, $/bbl 33.25
U.S. 10 Year Treasury, % 0.66

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