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Frequently Asked Questions

When Are The Forecasts Updated?

The forecasts are updated monthly at various times throughout the month.

After collecting updated input data and running the models we typically start publishing new forecasts around the 6th of the month.

Updated forecasts come out by related topics and usually but not always follow the schedule below:

FFC does not postpone the forecasts to give ourselves an "upper hand" with the accuracy.  It takes time and a tremendous amount of effort to produce these forecasts.

Do You Post Past Forecasts?

We do not post prior forecasts but we do post our actual performance.

Beside each forecast for each month are errors based on prior forecast values.

Below is a summary of our actual performance over the past 5 years (for one month or one quarter forward).

How Do You Produce These Forecasts?

FFC produces all forecasts in-house and we rely heavily on a form of artificial intelligence called neural networks.

Why Do Your Forecasts Change?

Our Forecasts will change as the input data are updated or revised (by their respective sources).  Forecasts will also change as we improve the various neural network models.

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