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German DAX Stock Market Forecast

DAX Stock Index Forecast Values

Index Values, Average of Month.

Month Date Forecast Value Avg Error
0 Dec 2016 11,191.3 ±0
1 Jan 2017 11,210 ±226
2 Feb 2017 11,530 ±304
3 Mar 2017 11,770 ±362
4 Apr 2017 11,660 ±410
5 May 2017 11,180 ±452
6 Jun 2017 11,000 ±488

Updated Jan 2017

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Chart of Germany's DAX Stock Market Index

Index Values, Average of Month. Includes Current Prediction.

Chart of German DAX Stock Market Index with forecast

The DAX Index

The DAX (German Stock Index) is a stock market index of 30 major German companies traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.  The DAX represents the stock prices of 30 of Germany's highest market capitalized corporations that meet various transparency and corporate quality standards.

The base date for the DAX index is December 30, 1987 which was set at a value of 1000.00 .

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Current Stock Markets
January 24, 2017 (Close of Day)
Stock Market Value
US S&P 500 2,280.07 +0.66%
Japan Nikkei 225 18,787.99 -0.55%
China Shanghai Comp 3,142.55 +0.18%
UK FTSE 100 7,150.34 -0.01%
German DAX 11,594.94 +0.43%
Brazil Ibovespa 65,840.13 +0.14%

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