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Euro to Dollar Exchange Rate Forecast

Euro to Dollar Exchange Rate Forecast Values

U.S. Dollars per one EU Euro.  Average of Month.

Month Date Forecast Value Avg Error
0 Nov 2016 1.0792 ±0.000
1 Dec 2016 1.078 ±0.012
2 Jan 2017 1.074 ±0.017
3 Feb 2017 1.078 ±0.020
4 Mar 2017 1.084 ±0.023
5 Apr 2017 1.090 ±0.025
6 May 2017 1.101 ±0.027

Updated Dec 2016

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Euro to US Dollar Chart

Chart of EUR/USD Exchange Rates with Current Projection.

Chart of Euro to US Dollars Exchange Rate with Forecast

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Current Exchange Rates
December 05, 2016 (Close of Day)
Currency Exchange Rate
Japanese Yen USD/JPY 113.86
Euro to Dollar 1.076
U.K. Pound GBP/USD 1.273
Australian Dollar AUD/USD 0.747
Canadian Dollar USD/CAD 1.327
Mexican Peso USD/MXN 20.59

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