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U.S. Unemployment Rate (U-3) Forecast

U.S. Unemployment Rate Forecast Values

Percent Unemployed, Seasonally Adjusted.
Month Date Forecast
Correct +/-
Correct +/-
0 Jul 2015 5.30 +/-0.0 +/-0.0
1 Aug 2015 5.4 +/-0.1 +/-0.2
2 Sep 2015 5.5 +/-0.2 +/-0.3
3 Oct 2015 5.6 +/-0.2 +/-0.3
4 Nov 2015 5.7 +/-0.2 +/-0.3
5 Dec 2015 5.8 +/-0.2 +/-0.4
6 Jan 2016 5.9 +/-0.2 +/-0.4
Updated Sunday, August 23, 2015

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U.S. Unemployment Rate

Chart of U-3 Unemployment Rate with Current Projection
Percent Unemployed Seasonally Adjusted.
Chart of U.S. Unemployment Rate with Forecast

The U.S. U-3 Unemployment Rate

The U.S. U-3 unemployment rate is the "official" unemployment rate and is just one of many measures of the employment situation within the United States. This closely followed statistic is released monthly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The U-3 unemployment rate is the total unemployed as a percent of the civilian labor force.  For the U-3 measure the unemployed are persons who are available to take a job and have actively searched for work in the prior 4 weeks but have not found work.  The U-3 unemployment rate typically falls between the narrowest measure of unemployment with the U-2 rate and the broadest measure of unemployment with the U-6 rate.

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August 31, 2015 (Close of Day)



S&P 500 1,972.18
US GDP Growth, % 2.66
US Inflation Rate, % 0.17
US Unemployment Rate, % 5.3
Gold Price, $/oz 1,134.70
WTI Oil Price, $/bbl 49.20
US 10 Yr Treasury, % 2.21