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New Zealand Dollar to US Dollar Exchange Rate Forecast

USD to NZD Exchange Rates Forecast Values

US Dollars per One New Zealand Dollar. Average of Month.

Month Date Forecast Value Avg Error
0 Aug 2018 0.6669 ±0.0000
1 Sep 2018 0.671 ±0.0108
2 Oct 2018 0.665 ±0.0111
3 Nov 2018 0.654 ±0.0112
4 Dec 2018 0.650 ±0.0114
5 Jan 2019 0.651 ±0.0114
6 Feb 2019 0.649 ±0.0115

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Chart of NZD to USD Exchange Rates with Forecast.

US Dollars per One New Zealand Dollar, Average of Month.

Chart of USD/NZD New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rate with Forecast

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Current Exchange Rates
September 21, 2018
Currency Exchange Rate
Japanese Yen to Dollar 112.55
Euro to Dollar 1.175
U.K. Pound to Dollar 1.308
Australian Dollar to USD 0.729
Indian Rupee to USD 72.24
Canadian Dollar to USD 1.292
Mexican Peso to USD 18.84

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